Rev. Dr. J. Lawerence Cuthill

Rev. Dr. J. Lawerence Cuthill


Dr. J. Lawrence Cuthill (Larry or Dr. C) came to us from Winter Park Presbyterian Church where he served 19 of the 47 years he has been ordained in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. He is fond of saying he retired but “failed at retirement”, returning to serve as Pastor in late 2012 at Glenwood Presbyterian Church.

In his words “You couldn’t find a finer place or more friendlier people anywhere than at Glenwood Presbyterian Church. I was delighted to learn of this church’s commitment to mission and service to the community in Word and deed”. Over the past 38 years, he has traveled to 12 different countries on 42 mission projects. That experience has spread to a love for travel to go with gardening, reading, exercise and fishing (though he catches little). The overarching joy and fulfillment for Dr. C is found in people and the love of Jesus Christ.


As a Presbyterian church, we are led and governed by elders elected from among our members along with our pastor. The Session is our local governing body, and is currently structured to have nine selected elders on the board, with our pastor serving as moderator.  Typically, each member of Session chairs a subcommittee of Session.

If you feel called to serve in one of these areas, please speak to the Pastor or the Session member responsible for the committee. Your help will allow us to have greater impact in our community and the world.

The Session

  • 2020: Patti Thackeray, Jennifer Demoise
  • 2021:  Mac Hammond, Terry Fogleman
  • 2022: Chris Belflower, Roberta Johnson

Clerk of Session:   Patti Thackeray
Moderator:   Rev. Dr. J. Lawrence Cuthill, Pastor

The Board of Deacons

  • 2020:  Libby Lusk, Mary Ellen Newman
  • 2021:  Brandi Littler, Wynne Williams
  • 2022:



Bill and Wini Babione serving with Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru)

Jo Ella Holman serving in the Caribbean with Presbyterian World Missions

Buildings and Facilities

Congregational Fellowship

Christian Education

Lois Smyth, Librarian

Worship & Music

Cynthia Hansen, Director of Music

Our Church

Rev Dr. J Lawrence Cuthill

3190 Grand Ave.
P.O. Box #220031
DeLand, Florida 32722
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Sunday Services
  • Children's Sunday School (Barnes Bldg) 09:00am
  • Adult's Sunday School (Parlor) 09:00am
  • Fellowship Time (Barnes Bldg) 10:00am
  • Worship Service 10:30am