Sunday Announcements

Pastor’s Report                                                                              

Dear Friends,

          In a matter of days, we will be celebrating 130 years as a church in the Glenwood community. A lot of fine people have come and gone. People stepped up at critical times. Others who were worker bees contributed their time and talents. Over all these years, faithful folks made their way to the sanctuary to offer praise and thanks to the One we know is the reason and driving force behind the establishment and continuation of Glenwood Presbyterian. There have been some storms, but it appears God still wants us here. In fact it may be the best years are still out there ahead of us where our Lord bid us follow.

          Let’s enjoy this time and celebrate our history, remembering history is His- Story. We all love to tell and hear stories. It’s a way we re-member, that is, rejoin and draw nourishment from our roots, our traditions. It can and should inspire us to catch hold of God’s next chapter. “Without a vision, the people perish.”  With a vision that is discerning and wise, we can flourish……if everyone buys in and invests themselves in it. I had a lady in a previous church who headed up the local historical society and museum. Her enthusiastically trumpeted motto was “Let’s go make some history.” By God’s grace at work in us, we shall!

                                                                                                          DR. C