As a Presbyterian church, we are led and governed by elders elected from among our members along with our pastor.  The Session is our local governing body, and is currently structured to have six elected elders on the board, with our pastor serving as moderator.  Typically, each member of Session chairs a subcommittee of Session.  

If you feel called to serve in one of these areas, please speak to the Pastor or the Session member responsible for the committee.  Your help will allow us to have greater impact in our community and the world. 

If you have specific questions or would like to contact an elder or deacon, you can contact the church office at 734-8617 or email

The Session 

2016: Jim Centilli, Lois Smyth

2017: Gordon Davis, Joan Myers

2018: Bud Fraser, Karen Russi

 Clerk of Session - Karen Russi
 Moderator - Rev. Dr. J. Lawrence Cuthill, Pastor

Board of Deacons

2016: Carole Tyson, Betty Taylor

2017: Marsha Evans, Toots Fraser

2018: Mary Ellen Newman, Roberta Johnson


Mission & Outreach

Our missionaries are Bill and Wini Babione, serving in Eastern Europe and Russia with Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU).

Buildings and Facilities

Congregational Fellowship

Christian Education
Worship & Music
Cynthia Hansen, Director of Music